Monday, February 18, 2013


I had a lot of fun this weekend. We went to Residence Inn in Schaumburg, Il. We had a very nice hotel room with a full kitchen. There was a pool, a very nice staff, and a Continental Breakfast. :) My family took a mini vacation for two nights. We went to IKEA, where I got my best friend her Valentine's Day present (which is a little late compared to when she gave me mine, but I think she'll forgive me), Arcades, and had lots of fun running around for 20 minutes trying to find my little brother. :D Has anybody else been to a hotel for a weekend like this?

Saturday, January 26, 2013

So, I had a sleepover with my best friend last weekend. We went to Walmart just because. I ended up riding a bicycle and playing with a toy lizard that had been dropped on the floor. I think we might've broken some stuff when we were playing tag in the Dollar Deals section. We bought glowsticks, plastic containers, and a rubber soccer ball. We went home, cut open the glowstick, and dumped it in the plastic container. We closed it tightly, made a fort, and set the container inside,. We slept in the fort, and, the following night (We're close enough to spend weeks at each other's houses) made glow in the dark chalk. Our other friend and conclusion to our trio spent the night. We then presumed to play Hide and Seek in the dark while scaring the noodles out of each other.  It was a great sleepover and we all really enjoyed it. The picture below is not mine, and all credit to the original owner. This is a bit what our fort looked like.